What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an age old treatment known to many of the earliest civilisations. It combines the medicinal properties of essential oils with the healing art of massage.

The oils are pure essences from nature extracted from roots, barks, stalks, leaves, flowers and fruit, each with their own individual scent and healing potential.

Following the consultation I will discuss which oils I believe would be most beneficial for you. I will then dilute the essences into a carrier oil before applying them.

he oils are absorbed into the body through the skin and by inhalation. During a treatment you will be asked to relax on a couch, your modesty ensured at all times with the use of towels. The massage technique I employ concentrates on the stimulation of the lymphatic system encouraging the removal of waste products from the body.


£48 60 Minute Treatment
£40 30 Minute Treatment